Camp at De Groote Peel

The campground is situated at a distance of 250 meters from the edge of De Groote Peel. Within a ten minutes’ walk you’ll find yourself at the entrance of a vast nature area in which you can walk for hours without encountering a single sign, letterbox or lamppost. You can also take a nice route on bike, on foot or on horseback through the woods, moors and meadows in the direct surroundings of the campground.


Campground: On the campground you can park your camping car, caravan or put up your tent. You are surrounded by acres of meadows with grazing cows. New is the natural pond over which you have a beautiful overview from your camping spot. For camping cars there are spots on the meadow, on the concrete and on concrete tiles in the meadow. The sites are supplied with electricity.

Camping Huts: For more comfort you can choose for a camping hut which is supplied with running water, gas and electricity and offers accommodation for four people. 

Camperspot: A broad strip of concrete with a view over the meadows offers space for campers. Connection to electricity, refilling the water tank and emptying of waste water are possible.



At the campsite you’ll find the following facilities:

- Toilet and shower block: Beside a toilet and shower there is a sink unit. Using the facilities is free of charge.

- Washing machine and dryer: For a small charge you can use the machine which is located in the toilet and shower block.

- Tourist information: Walking and Cycling tours can be found as well as regional tourist information.


Prices for an overnight stay for the various types of accommodations are as follows:

Camping Spot (Caravan, Camper, Tent) Incl. 2 persons: € 16 ,-

(each 10th night is for free)

Extra Person: €4,-

Electricity: €3,50

use of airco or heating: 50 ct per hour

Camping Hut (4 pers.): €40,-

Washingmachine – Dryer:  €3,-

Dog: Free

For more information or reservations:

Contact Frans van Hooff

Tureluurweg 7

5721 RZ Asten

The Netherlands

mobile: 0031-647898047

e-mail: info@wetland.nl

Bank: NL36RABO0103657487


Peat district

The campground is situated on the edge of the nature reserve “De Groote Peel”. In days gone by this area was a nearly impenetrable marsh. In this watery nature moor-peat developed which was used as fuel by the local inhabitants. In later years peat was exploited on a large scale. Around 1930 the area around the campsite was reclaimed and brought under cultivation as grassy meadows and fertile acres.


Except having the status of Nature Reserve and National Park, the peat-moor district is also appointed as EU-Birding Area and because of the importance for water birds also as Wetland. The district is known as one of the best areas for birds of The Netherlands. In this area of approximately 1350 hectares, around 260 species of birds are seen and besides that a wide variety of dragonflies and butterflies. A very comprehensive guide to birds of De Groote Peel can be consulted at the campground.


Because of the importance of De Groote Peel for birds, larger parts of the area are closed during the breeding season (15th of March until the 15th of July) and during migration (15th of October until the 30th of November). The visitors’ centre and surrounding routings are open all year round. The other reserves in the area are also open all year round. 

Visitors’ centre `Buitencentrum De Pelen’ and the Natural History Museum `De Peel’

Visitor’s centre `Buitencentrum De Pelen' and the Natural History Museum `De Peel’ offer you a fascinating overview of the flora and fauna in the district.

Groote Peel, Strabrechtse Heide, Deurnesche Peel and Mariapeel

Besides De Groote Peel, vast nature reserves such as De Strabrechtse Heide, Deurnesche Peel and Mariapeel can be found within a distance of 10 kilometres. The landscape exists of smaller lakes, woods, moors, meadows and cultivated acres. This landscape can be explored by a fine-mazed network of routes for biking, hiking, and rides that start directly from the campsite.

Informative websites for the region (of which some in English)